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Cast: Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Tarun Bose, Deven Verma, Shashikala, David, Durga Khote, Dulari, Surekha, Naina, Amar, R P Kapoor, Desai, Rajdeep, Usmani, Chandra
Singers: Asha Bhosle, Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
Lyricists: Kaifi Azmi
Music Director(s): Hemant Kumar
Movie Director(s): Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Movie Producer(s): B Lachman
Dheere Dheere Machal Ae
Lata Mangeshkar
Yaa Dil Kee Suno Dooniyawalo
Hemant Kumar
Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha Kuchh Bhi Nahi
Lata Mangeshkar
Bheegi Bheegi Fiza
Asha Bhosle
Kyo Mujhe Itni Khushi
Asha Bhosle
Title Music Anupama
by Various Artists

At the core of the film Anupama, is the essentialness of adoration and the repercussions of its misfortune. The film starts with a frightful and noteworthy version in the deep ethereal voice of Lata Mangeshkar, “Dheere Machal, Ae Dil-e-bekarar, Koi aata hai..Yoo tadap ken a tadpa mujhe baarbar, koi aata hai..” The verses by Kaifi Azmi set the vibe for the rankling love Mohan, flawlessly depicted by Tarun Bose, has for his lady of the hour Aruna played by Surekha Pandit. Their adoration stays brief as she bites the dust during labor in the resulting scenes. These initial groupings set up and inspire compassion by merging the indispensable love among Mohan and Aruna, and Mohan accusing the recently conceived youngster for killing his one genuine romance.

Mohan is unequipped for adoring his girl, Uma as she helps him to remember his late spouse. In her growing up years, Hrishi da, deftly portrays a dad’s and spouse’s tangled perspective – communicating bliss at her developing little girl, and feeling bitterness, a grave void at the deficiency of his adoration. He overlooks his girl as the day progressed, investing the majority of his energy at his office. The girl is explicitly urged to try not to come before him, yet really in the evenings, when he gets back from work completely intoxicated state, he gives her endowments.

As a developed lady, when Sharmila Tagore first shows up as Uma, she barely talks any discoursed. It’s her eyes, supernatural and mesmerizing, that express her shock, misfortune, agony and disarray of a neglected youth. Sharmila’s eyes are entrancing, devilish, terrified, hopeful and timid at various occasions. Her incredible acting agonizingly depicts the torment of a young lady confined in a non-existent relationship, parentless adolescence and a detached home.

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Uma’s quiet in a home shocked with every single material need, but absence of a parent’s adoration sires the clarification of how ladies are enslaved and hushed without affection? She has every one of the material things a youngster could need for however comes up short on the main part of all – love of a parent – which is the way she stays quieted through significant segment of the film. Uma scarcely talks in the film, her first exchange is just in the center of the film, that too when she is encircled by a caring family.

In Uma’s quiets, the film plants a considerable lot of the shameful acts of experiencing childhood in a cold family. As the crowd, you see her eyes screaming for help yet stifled simultaneously. You wish she addresses somebody of her situation unburdens her brain, however the film offers no rest of that sort.

In a new rewatching of this film, her quietness helped me to remember Audrey Lorde’s fundamental paper, ‘Your Silence Will Not Protect You,’ where she begs, “My hushes had not ensured me. Your quiets won’t ensure you… . What are the words you don’t yet have? What are the oppressive regimes you swallow step by step and endeavor to make your own, until you will nauseate and pass on of them, still peacefully? We have been associated to regard dread more than our own requirement for language.” In Uma’s hushes, the film plants a considerable lot of the treacheries of experiencing childhood in a cold family. As the crowd, you see her eyes yelling for help yet stifled simultaneously. You wish she addresses somebody of her predicament unburdens her brain, however the film offers no relief of that sort.

The plot follows a family excursion to Mahabaleshwar, where Mohan is exhorted by specialist to amend his chronic infirmity being a compulsive worker and a drunkard. This is the place where Mohan and his companions intend to have Uma meet and wed Arun, played by the beguiling Deven Verma, simply returning after investigations in the UK. Deven Verma rather becomes hopelessly enamored with Anita played by an abundant Shashikala. Deven welcomes his cherished companion Ashok (Dharmendra) and his family. Ashok is an author and optimistic person, who is enchanted by the quiet and unemotional Uma. Uma is likewise drawn in by Ashok’s goals and standards, and when she peruses the book, Anupama, which Ashok composes propelled by Uma, she goes totally gaga for him.

In his book Anupama, Ashok imagines a person Anupama (the one that is remarkable) who marshals her energies to challenge her dad who reprimands the youngster for the mother’s passing. This is the means by which reformist ladies’ developments have altered ladies’ lives world over, and Ashok accepts this is the thing that will engage Uma to make a strong stride towards her opportunity also. Be that as it may, being hesitant commonly, Uma is reluctant to wed against her dad’s desires who has so far thought to be her just as a weight. Like any story film, this film likewise arrives at a crescendo towards it’s anything but a conflict among Mohan and Ashok, trailed by Mohan and his little girl.

Anupama is an incredible story, told from a female look, and Hrishida gives a nuanced and layered viewpoint to Uma’s person and Ashok’s empowering part in her life.

Anupama is an incredible story, told from a female look, and Hrishida gives a nuanced and layered viewpoint to Uma’s person and Ashok’s empowering part in her life. A new survey of the film troubled me most in how painfully it depicted the precise mental brutality represented by Uma’s muteness. Sharmila Tagore gives a crude and reviving presentation that infers the shamefulness, capture and unpredictable trap of destiny that Uma has developed to acknowledge without affection, approval and acknowledgment from her dad. Her muteness is thwarted by the pomposity of Ashok’s person.

In one expository scene among Dharmendra and Shashikala, Ashok reveals to Anita that he has opened his heart and world for Uma and is prepared to invite her whenever she picks however he can’t confine her like her dad accomplished for this load of years. Bimal Dutta who is the screenwriter, and Hrishida who is credited with the story have made solid characters with profundity and subtlety. Dharmendra conveys probably the best execution in his initial vocation with a mindful, influential and charming screen presence. This collaboration is honorable that Ashok goes about as an empowering agent and doesn’t authorize his thoughts in his sharp depiction of an essayist who would not like to be the saint saving the maiden in trouble.

This film has matured very well in its intricate comprehension of connections – every scene, each shot careful, waiting and attentive. In the possession of a deft movie producer, the camera realized which harmonies and feelings to bring out in its watcher’s brain. At the point when the film delivered it got basic recognition for portraying the subtleties of the cracked connection between the dad little girl, yet this relationship is really non-existential. Just towards the peak do they experience each other when Uma states her viewpoints notwithstanding her dad’s resistance. This scene typifies the chief’s vision about how testing it is for ladies to unshackle the quiets of shameful acts that they have endured, but then stroll with elegance towards opportunity and freedom.

Anupama is a Hindi Movie released in the year 1966. It has a star cast of Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Tarun Bose, Deven Verma, Shashikala, David, Durga Khote, Dulari, Surekha, Naina, Amar, R P Kapoor, Desai, Rajdeep, Usmani, Chandra. It’s Music Album was composed by Hemant Kumar. The movie was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The songs were sung by singers such as Asha Bhosle, Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar. The lyrics of the songs from the Anupama were penned by artists such as Kaifi Azmi. , To view the song lyrics and details visit the links below.

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