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Cast: Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Madhubala, Jayant, Ulhas, Murad, Mukri, Husn Banu
Singers: Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi
Lyricists: Shakeel Badayuni
Music Director(s): Naushad Ali
Movie Director(s): Mehboob Khan
Movie Producer(s): Mehboob Khan
Insaaf Ka Mandir Hai Ye Bhagavaan Ka Ghar Hai
Mohammed Rafi
Na Milta Gam To Barbadi Ke Afsaane Kaha Jate
Lata Mangeshkar
Naa Shikwa Hai Koyi Naa Koyi Gila Hai
Lata Mangeshkar
Tere Sadake Balam Na Kar Koi Gam
Lata Mangeshkar
Umangon Ko Sakhi Pi Ki Nagariyaa Kaise Le Jaaun
Lata Mangeshkar
Ik Bat Kahu Mere Piya Sun Le
Asha Bhosle
Jaane Vaale Se Mulaqat Na Hone Paai
Lata Mangeshkar
Khamosh Hai Khewanhar Mera
Lata Mangeshkar
Uudi Uudi Chhaai Ghataa Jiyaa Laharaaye
Lata Mangeshkar
Radha Ke Pyare Krishina Kanhai
Asha Bhosle
Dance Music Amar
by Various Artists

Mehboob Khan may have been an unschooled participant into the film world yet he absolutely wasn’t without insight, as famously clear from his wide assortment of movies. Ascending from the grassroots, the man showed himself the varying media syntax as well as gave India’s people in the future an uncommon legacy of realistic brightness that was not difficult to esteem however hard to copy.

Like the majority of his film stories from “Aurat” to “Child of India”, “Amar” also was thoughtful to the female hero. At the point when many knew nothing about ladies’ lib, Mehboob’s ladies were emotionless, yet praiseworthy, Indian females who faced affliction with coarseness and dauntless fortitude. These ladies didn’t raise mottos, nor did they comprehend the legitimate bare essential, yet they had moral fortitude to battle whatever they understood as low and unsatisfactory. On the off chance that Raj Kapoor was the admirer of the female structure, Mehboob was a talented fan of the lady’s spirit!

Moral offense

The film is about Amarnath (Dilip Kumar), a prominent criminal legal counselor who is against any ethical offense in open life. In adoration with an academic dissident Anjoo (Madhubala), Amar’s life is destroyed when his milkmaid Sonia (Nimmi), who also longs for Amar, goes into his home on a blustery evening while at the same time attempting to get away from a captivated criminal Sankat (Jayant). Sonia’s sprouting youth and delicacy touch off desire in Amar and he incurs himself upon her. Despite the fact that assaulted by her golden calf, Sonia seals her mouth about the wrongdoing until a mishap uncovers her conveying a kid. In spite of oppositions by numerous individuals to uncover the name of the guilty party, Sonia stays quiet and is shielded by Anjoo from the agitators.

In the interim, Amar battles with his heart yet can’t unveil reality until one day, Sankat assaults Amar and the resulting battle prompts Sankat’s demise. In spite of the fact that Sonia is blamed for homicide as she is found close to the body, she assumes the fault in order to shield Amar from hurt. Yet, her penance moves Amar to proclaim reality and he looks for Sonia’s absolution by accepting her as his life accomplice.

Oh well, notwithstanding a decent story, the film tumbled in light of the fact that crowds didn’t acknowledge an ethically powerless legend, as likewise Dilip’s deserting of Madhubala for Nimmi. Out and out, an extraordinary pity — since Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Nimmi and Jayant gave delicate depictions in spite of an innately tiny content that had colossal potential for struggle and show. Truth be told, so charming is the Dilip-Madhubala team that their splitting causes one to wince with grief, clarifying why moviegoers didn’t pardon Mehboob for his ‘botch’.

“Amar” was one of the uncommon failures of Mehboob’s profession, at this point many actually appreciate the film for its very much planned sets, superb audio effects and fragile photography done under his gifted eye. The high contrast material loaned the story a calm pride, proper to the moral tussle among truth and want, moral turpitude and equity. Faredoon Irani’s photography merits an examination for it’s anything but, an exceptional submerged scene of the champion attempting to escape from the scalawag. Likewise, the shot taken by Mehboob of rainstorm, assault and sanctuary regions is improved by splendid lighting and development of the camera. For current experts who oblige fundamental senses by uncovering female tissue in the clothing of need, it’s a commendable exercise to figure out how the assault is never shown however figuratively passed on through looks.

Eminent bhajan

In spite of three unfading numbers by Naushad and Shakeel Badayuni, there are such a large number of feeble melodies that drag instead of please. Be that as it may, one is ready to pardon the team in return for Lata’s frequenting “Jaanewaale se Mulaaqaat na Hone Paayi”, Asha’s prodding “Ek Baat Kahun Mere Piya Sun le Agar Tu” alongside Rafi’s ethereal “Insaaf ka Mandir Hai Ye” — the magnificent bhajan illustrating the core of the story. What one second thoughts is that while R. Kaushik won Filmfare trees for sound account, the movies didn’t do ‘insaaf’ (equity) to the meticulous endeavors of Mehboob Khan!

Amar is a Hindi Movie released in the year 1954. It has a star cast of Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Madhubala, Jayant, Ulhas, Murad, Mukri, Husn Banu. It’s Music Album was composed by Naushad Ali. The movie was directed by Mehboob Khan. The songs were sung by singers such as Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi. The lyrics of the songs from the Amar were penned by artists such as Shakeel Badayuni. , To view the song lyrics and details visit the links below.

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